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Polyurea High-temperature High-pressure Waterproof Coating

High-temperature High-pressure Spraying
Instant Waterproofing Performance

East Way introduces Polyurea waterproof coating applied by high-temperature and high-pressure spraying, resulting in instant and complete waterproofing performance.


  • Application thickness: 1-3 mm
  • instantly curing
  • Complete waterproofing performance
  • Excellent in impact, abrasion, temperature and water resistance applications

Work Case

大圍慈濟環保教育中心 — 利用高溫高壓噴塗施工,總面積約3800呎

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Our Equipment

德國 hf sensor 微波濕度計
German hf Microwave Moisture Mete
Able to measure the moisture up to 7cm below the concrete surface
日本 NEC G100EXD
Infrared Thermographic Scanner
日本 Atago Refractometer
Atago Refractometer
Salinity Meter,help indicate the source of leakage.
Water Test Paper
quick water test
Microwave Moisture Meter
Infrared Thermographic Scan

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