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Window Leak
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East Way Construction Decoration Waterproof Co. Ltd.

East Way Waterproof has since its establishment in 1997 been providing client-oriented expertise services in exterior and interior leak proof works on sills, roofs, ceilings, external walls and others. We also specialize in concrete repairs as well as maintenance projects for leading developers.

To advance our quality services, we have introduced most up-to-date technologies such as moisture measuring system from Germany and infra-red scanning from Japan for a most accurate investigation of the source of leakage.

Qualified Buildings Department’s Registered Minor
Works Contractor since 2011 : MWC214/2010
Class : II & III
Type : A, B, D, E, F & G

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Service Visions


Dedicated to providing clients best and safer workplace and living environment with advanced technologies

Quality First

Committed to every project with no outsourcing to achieve most trustful and quality works

Service Assurance

Guarantee our clients worry-free works with a longest 5-year warranty

Our Equipment

德國 hf sensor 微波濕度計
German hf Microwave Moisture Mete
Able to measure the moisture up to 7cm below the concrete surface
日本 NEC G100EXD
Infrared Thermographic Scanner
日本 Atago Refractometer
Atago Refractometer
Salinity Meter,help indicate the source of leakage.
Water Test Paper
quick water test
Microwave Moisture Meter
Infrared Thermographic Scan

Our Clients