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Window Leak
Bathroom Waterproof Layer
Concrete Reinforcement

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Reinforcement Corrosion, Concrete Aging

Leakage problem usually is complicated with aging of reinforcement and concrete, thus eroding the bearing capacity of the structure and resulting in safety hazards.  East Way Waterproof provides reinforcement corrosion repair, corrosion control by Cathodic Protection and concrete repair.
Concrete reinforcement of Wah Fung Building, Tsim Sha Tsui

Concrete reinforcement of Wah Fung Building, Tsim Sha Tsui

Water Towers and Lift Shafts

Expansion joints repair

Injection grouting

By using injection grouting or PU caulking to reduce the impact of construction, or use waterproof cement mortar to redo the waterproof layer to solve the problem of window sill, window edge and wall leakage.

Rooftop waterproofing work

We offer environmental protection water-based coating, epoxy resin, fire glue, waterproof film, tannin coating technology, depending on the needs of the clients and the actual situation can do a full consolidation, lap repair, part of the repair project.

Approximately 5,000 square feet of fire-retardant rubber joints and repairs at Hop Hing Industrial Building, Lai Chi Kok

ISOTHANE waterproof Layer Reworked with waterproof vinyl film of 7,000 square feet at a Kwun Tong Industrial Building

Partial ISOTHANE waterproof layer reworked of 500 square feet of Kwun Tong Industrial Centre Roof top.

Waterproof layer reworked by ISOTHANE in Taipo

Wall crack repair

Swimming pool pump room and wall cracks fix at 15, peak one, Shatin.


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