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East Way Construction Decoration Waterproof Co. Ltd.

Leakage causes not only unsightly external appearance and sanitary nuisance but also deterioration of building structure and results in safety hazard. Deal with the problem at where leakage originates is the only effective solution.
East Way Waterproofing has since its establishment in 1997 been providing client-oriented expertise services in exterior and interior leak proof works on sills, roofs, ceilings, external walls and others.  We also specialize in concrete repairs as well as maintenance projects for leading developers.
To advance our quality services, we have introduced most up-to-date technologies such as moisture measuring system from Germany and infra-red scanning from Japan for a most accurate investigation of the source of leakage.

Polyurea Waterproof Coating

East Way introduces Polyurea waterproof coating applied by high temperature and high pressure spraying, resulting in instant and complete waterproofing performance.

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East Way provides quality professional services in board range. Services Detail

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Aerial Inspection of External Wall Spalling, the 1st in Hong Kong

Our professional aerial inspection is in service now.